Workshop Waste FAQs

It’s important that businesses manage their workshop waste responsibly. At Slicker we often receive questions from our customers regarding their workshop waste.

Please see below the most frequently asked questions:

  • What types of workshop waste do you collect?
    We offer a comprehensive collection service for all your workshop waste including waste oil, oil/fuel filters, aerosols, used tyres, waste antifreeze, oily rags and many more. Please contact our team today for our full list of services.
  • Do you provide us with the containers?
    Yes we do. We will provide you with all the necessary containers required for your waste streams.  Most workshop waste can be put into our durable, easy to manoeuvre wheelie bins. For more specialist waste, such as fluorescent tubes and fuel contaminated waste we will provide you with the appropriate containers.
  • Can oil filters and fuel filters be stored in the same container?
    To minimise the risk of fire fuel and oil filters should be stored in separate containers. Oil filters can be stored in our standard wheelie bins, whereas fuel filters should be stored in UN approved containers which we will provide.
  • Can we put our oily rags into the general waste?
    No, to comply with environmental regulations oily rags and other contaminated absorbents should be stored in separate containers from your general waste.
  • What is the most cost-effective way of managing our workshop waste?
    We would recommend saving your workshop waste collections until you have several full containers, that way you are only charged a single transport fee for multiple containers.
  • Do you offer a national collection service?
    Yes, we do! Wherever you are in the UK we can provide you with a prompt and reliable service for your workshop waste.
  • What happens to the waste once it is collected?
    At Slicker, we have a ‘Zero-waste-to-landfill’ policy and endeavour to avoid landfill wherever possible. The workshop waste we collect is processed by third parties which will break the waste down into its component parts and send it off to be recycled.
  • Do we need to complete any legal paperwork?
    No – Slicker offer a simple solution to your workshop waste. Simply give us a call and we’ll handle the rest!

For more information on waste oil or workshop waste management, or if you would like to inquire about our services please contact our expert team today.

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