Workshop Waste FAQs

Whatever your workshop waste, Slicker has the solution. Our expert team have the experience and knowledge to handle any waste stream, no matter how obscure it may be.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we often receive from customers:

What workshop waste streams do Slicker collect?

We collect all workshop waste streams, including filters, oily granules, brake fluid, oily rags, antifreeze, fluorescent tubes and many more.

Why should I dispose of workshop waste using a registered provider?

Many workshop waste streams contain harmful substances which can pose significant risks to the environment and personal health. It is a legal requirement that these waste streams are handled with care. By using a registered provider, such as Slicker Recycling, you can be assured your waste is handled responsibly. Upon completion of service, we will provide a consignment note as evidence of this.

Why is it important to segregate your waste?

Waste streams are managed and processed in various ways. Recycling facilities will not accept any mixed waste as it is difficult to separate and recover.

Can I crush my waste to fit more in the container?

For each of our containers there is a maximum capacity weight, for wheelie bins this is 150kg, and for drums it is 130kg. If you crush the waste, you could risk exceeding that limit, resulting in us being unable to provide a collection.

Are there any types of waste Slicker can’t collect?

Whatever the waste we will endeavour to find a responsible Slicker solution.

What is the call-to-collection process?

Once you have booked your service with one of our dedicated customer service team, we will log your request onto our customer management system. From here, a driver will be routed to your location, and your waste will be collected within a matter of days. A consignment will then be provided as evidence of responsible disposal.

How much is a collection?

We offer industry-leading competitive rates for our waste management services. To help keep costs down, and minimise your carbon footprint, we recommend booking a collection of several bins in one service. Please contact our friendly customer service team for more information on how we can help you reduce your waste management spend.  

How long does a collection take?

We aim to collect within 10-14 working days of enquiry.

What waste containers do you provide?

As part of our workshop waste service, we’ll provide you with the appropriate storage containers to help you manage your waste safely and securely. Unlike many other service providers, we use easy to manoeuvre wheelie bins to minimise the risk of injury when transporting waste.

What happens to the workshop waste once it is collected?

The waste is recycled at specialist facilities or processed at a waste-to-energy plant. At Slicker, we have a zero-waste-to-landfill policy and comply with the European Waste Hierarchy Model prioritising prevention, recycling, and reuse over disposal.

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