About Us

Slicker Recycling are your trusted partner in environmental and waste management services

Slicker Recycling is the UK’s trusted environmental and waste management partner. From one-off waste oil collections to fully integrated management solutions, we work in partnership to find the best Slicker solution for you.

Our vast network of vehicles and depots ensure that wherever you are in the UK, we can provide you with an efficient and reliable service.

We offer a wide range of services for our customers to meet their varying needs.

On average, we serve over 30,000 customers every year from a spectrum of industry sectors.

The waste oil collected is processed to create a reusable product called Processed Fuel Oil (PFO): an environmentally compliant alternative to virgin fuel.

Our Mission

  • To lead the way in re-refining used oil and the recycling of other wastes we collect to avoid landfill.
  • To continuously innovate and look to find new and better ways of improving our services and our business.
  • From our actions, to achieve positive impacts on the attitudes, satisfaction and happiness of our customers and staff, and for the benefit of our planet.

Our Vision

To be the leader in achieving environmentally sustainable waste management practices: re-use, recycling and zero waste to landfill, as our commitment and contribution to the global circular economy.

Our Slicker Values


Yes, we are reliable. We collect on time. We deliver! We do what we say we will. And it’s what everyone wants.


It’s got to be fun. Customers like us to be fun, just so long as we are reliable.


It’s about being honest with our customers and colleagues. If we can’t do something, we’ll tell them. If we’ve got it wrong, we’ll tell them, as we can soon put it right.


Our creative side is how we deal with work and sort out daily issues.


Being bold means we take on the daily challenges that get thrown our way and overcome them. We are bold in our approach to what we do.

Waste oil collection & recycling services

The largest and market leader in the collection and processing of waste oil, garage and associated waste.

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