International Women’s Day - Laura Carter, Commercial Director

To help celebrate and recognise this year’s International Women’s Day, we are focusing on a handful of inspirational women from across Slicker Recycling who are a key part of our continued growth and success. Some of these women work within the normally male-dominated transport sector and others hold senior leadership positions within the Executive team.

We’ve sat down with them to ask them more about their roles, their achievements and their tips for other female leaders...

Laura Carter

Our penultimate short interview in our inspiring woman series is with Laura Carter. Based at our Stourport-on-Severn HQ, Laura is our widely-respected Commercial Director and has been with us for six very successful years.

Hi Laura. Delighted you can give us your thoughts around International Women’s Day. Let’s start with you giving an overview of your role here at Slicker.

I am delighted to be part of it. As the Commercial Director here at Slicker Recycling I am responsible for the sales performance and subsequent growth of the company. We work with our various departments to ensure all key stakeholders expectations are managed and delivered - leading the sales, marketing, communications and retention strategies for each business division.

I expect you have lots, but what would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

More than anything, my two children are my biggest achievement. They are my everything. On a professional level, getting my Masters Degree as a single parent was a big milestone for me, whilst co-creating the Slicker brand so we’re remembered for doing all the right things has been painstaking, but really exciting work.

And what would you say International Women’s Day means to you?

For me it highlights conversations about women’s achievements over the years, current day issues and global gender inequality into the mainstream. It’s an initiative which invites people of all backgrounds, ages and genders to consider what they can do to make the world a more equal place for everyone. We should be celebrating and standing up for women throughout the course of the year, not just for one day. But this does shine a light on things which is brilliant.

What tips would you give to female colleagues who are striving to improve?

Believe in yourself, encourage others and help them to see what they’re capable of achieving! Be kind, supportive, honest and have fun with those you surround yourself with. Share the achievements of others too - a few kind words can change someone’s day. Lastly, in difficult times choose your battles, always value your energy more than a meaningless victory.

And finally, is there one female who has been an inspiration to you?

I can’t just name one as there have been many over the years that have inspired me throughout my life.  Firstly, my mum for guiding and providing for me and my sister. My fantastic group of female friends as these are woman I can count on every day, all of them going through life with challenges and we remain a firm set of friends, lifting and empowering each other.

As a ten-year-old I also remember admiring Helen Patricia Sharman, the first British person, first Western European woman and the first privately funded woman in space, as well as being the first woman to visit the Mir space station in May 1991.

Another amazing woman is Anna Whitehouse. She is the creator of Mother Pukka and in 2015 founded a support network for working parents on flex appeal - on how important some flexibility is in the workplace. It’s important to say that men inspire me too - it’s about having a balance!

For more on International Women’s Day 2022, you can visit the website through

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