Interceptor, Inspection, Deep Cleaning & Filter Changes

A comprehensive service, ensuring your interceptors are cleared from blockages or hazardous residue


Most fuel dominated sites, such as car parks, petrol forecourts, depots and garages will have an interceptor (sometimes known as a separator) within their drainage system. The purpose of an interceptor is to prevent hazardous substances such as oil and fuel from entering the sewerage system or watercourses.

Minimise your risk

Over time, debris and silt build up within the chambers of the interceptors, preventing them from working at full capacity, and increasing the risk of environmental contamination. It is crucial for any business with an interceptor to regularly clean and maintain them so that this risk is minimised.

Comprehensive interceptor maintenance service

At Slicker, we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective interceptor maintenance service nationwide. Our technical teams, fully trained in confined space entry and high-pressure water jetting (HPWJ) are able to carry out a deep clean, removing residue which would otherwise be inaccessible from the top hatch.

Once your interceptor is clear of residue, we will provide you with all the necessary environmental paperwork, confirming your duty of care requirements have been met and that the waste has been disposed of at a licensed treatment facility.

Did you know?

Environmental agencies recommend that an interceptor should be regularly maintained on a six-monthly basis, although more heavily used sites may need more frequent clearances.

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