24-Hour Emergency Services

A speedy service for emergency situations nationwide

Slicker recycling can arrange emergency spillage response nationwide. From minor oil leaks to major spillages requiring environmental remedial works.

From the initial call, we will gather the relevant information so as to be able to deploy the correct team in order to respond proactively.

Examples of emergencies attended:

  • Oil/fuel spills
  • Site remediation
  • Contaminated waterways
  • Car park surface contamination

Information required

With the correct information, we can determine the correct course of action required for the response.


  • What is the substance that has been spilt?
  • What is the estimated volume?
  • Has the spillage been contained?
  • What surface is the spillage on? Concrete, tarmac, soil, etc?
  • Is there a risk to the environment or watercourses?
  • Are there any drains close to the area?
  • Photos of the affected area will help with our assessment

Do you need urgent emergency assistance?

Have you had an emergency at your store or out on location with one of your fleets? We have a dedicated team of emergency specialists who are on hand to help right away.

Emergency Contacts
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