Please see the table below for known fixes for the Slicker Recycling Parts Washer.

Problem Solution

Wash pump not running

1. Press on/off button

2. Check power cord connection

3. Check circuit breaker

4. Contact Slicker Recycling

Wash pump runs but no solvent

1. Check for low solvent level by removing the metal mesh filter.

2. Additional solvent may be transferred to the wash basin. Press and hold the on/off button for 20 seconds.

3. Repeat procedure if necessary

4. Contact Slicker Recycling

Recycle process not starting

1. Wait for 1 hour if unit has just completed a recycle. The unit has a 1 hour lockout.

2. Check Power connection

3. Check circuit breaker

4. Reset machine by turning power off at socket. Hold on/off button and at the same time turn power on at socket. Hold on/off button for 5 seconds then release. Try recycle button again.

5. Contact Slicker Recycling

Solvent in distillation chamber

1. The wash basin was overfilled prior to recycle. Cycle may have stopped prior to completion.

2. Option 1: Distillation can be continued without transferring fluid from wash basin by pressing technician override button.

3. Option 2 : Press the recycle button to run a new distillation

4. Contact Slicker Recycling

Solvent does not stay in wash basin

1. Remove debris around the pneumatic cylinder located under the trays at he back of wash basin.

2. Remove the pink pipe from the top of the pneumatic cylinder to release vacuum. Push pink pipe back onto pneumatic cylinder.

3. Reset machine.

Vacuum pump sounds louder than normal

1. Check for debris underneath the unit and rebalance it.

2. Distillation chamber is overfilled, remove excess fluid through the drain knob and press the technician override button to restart the distillation

3. Contact Slicker Recycling

Wash basin overfilled

1. Too much solvent was transferred into the wash basin by holding the on/off button.

2. Main tank is too full and has overflowed into the wash basin. Remove the excess fluid from the wash basin.

3. Contact Slicker Recycling

Machine is beeping

1. Fluid level is low in main tank.

2. Order solvent top up by contacting

Reset Unit

1. To reset unit turn machine power off at the socket.

2. Press and hold on/off button whilst turning power back on at socket.

3. Hold on/off button for 5 seconds

4. Release on/off button

Top up solvent in wash basin from main tank

1. Press and hold on/off button for twenty seconds.

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